Energy Futures and Engineering

We're on a mission to tackle some of the most pressing and exciting energy challenges of our time. We are passionate about exploring cutting-edge topics in Clean Energy and Decarbonisation, Infrastructure and the Built Environment, Materials and Manufacturing, Computational Modelling, Data Science, and Energy Policy.

With experts from diverse backgrounds spanning engineering, environmental science, social science, policy, and law, we are proud to partner with UK industries to work on thrilling applied projects in energy production, distribution and application. From wind, solar and bioenergy, through to smart networks and innovative applications in transport and building, we cover it all.  

Together, we can create a brighter, cleaner, and more secure future for all.

Exeter Innovation in numbers


Received over £50m of investment in the Centre for Future Clean Mobility to drive innovation in clean transport  

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Over 20 years experience in offshore
renewable energy


Exeter Energy has over 140 researchers facilitating the transformation to sustainable energy systems

Let's work together:

Jim Grant

Energy and Marine 

James McNaughton

Clean Mobility

We're passionate about creating a better future for our planet, and renewable technologies like solar, offshore, geothermal, and sustainable electricity are the key to achieving that goal.

Our Centre for Offshore Renewable Energy constantly pushes the boundaries with cutting-edge engineering facilities that allow us to design, test, and trial new technology.

We develop energy-harvesting wireless sensing systems for various industry sectors, including transport, healthcare, and energy.

We're also doing our part to build more sustainable infrastructure with our research and innovation in smart grids, including high-speed imaging, non-power frequency testing, and low-carbon electrical energy networks.

At our dedicated Centre for Future Clean Mobility, we're developing power systems for off-road and marine transport. We're paving the way for a cleaner and more sustainable future. 

We are on a mission to enhance the liveability of our built environment while promoting sustainability.  

At our Centre for Energy and the Environment, we specialise in providing applied research and consultancy services that focus on sustainable building practices, energy policies, and the impacts of climate change on urban landscapes.  

Our team constantly pushes the boundaries of what's possible in high-efficiency solar energy conversion and storage. We're also actively engaged in modelling, control, optimisation, and digital control development for distributed energy resources in energy systems.  

We're not just focused on technological advancements, though. We also create models and tools that evaluate the environmental, economic, and social sustainability of various sociotechnical systems. 

Driven by our passion for making a difference, we specialise in functional materials, nanomaterials, and graphene. From building materials to wearable fabrics and advanced manufacturing technologies, we are committed to advancing these fields.

Exeter Advanced Technologies collaborates with industry leaders to pioneer exciting polymer and composite solutions. With our deep understanding of materials and manufacturing processes, we are constantly working on innovative solutions.  

Our Centre for Additive Layer Manufacturing is leading the way in independent research, developing high-performance polymers and composite materials.  

The Centre for Alternative Materials and Remanufacturing investigates the sustainable use of polymers, composites, and the circular economy. Our expert team is confident in our ability to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to industry challenges. 

Our team is committed to advancing technology in various fields by developing cutting-edge simulations using techniques like Finite Element Analysis (FEA), computer-aided engineering (CAE), Engineering Data Science, and AI. Our researchers create digital twins and virtual designs that help revolutionise industries such as biosciences and robotics.  

We also strive to positively impact the environment by using our expertise in modelling to help with ecology and conservation efforts. We study the impact of environmental factors on different species, such as marine mammals, birds, and benthic and pelagic organisms.  

Additionally, we collect data related to meteorology, oceanography, hydrographic, geotechnical, and environmental factors to help us make informed decisions about our planet's health. 

At the University of Exeter, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable growth and advancing energy policy and governance. Our Energy Policy Group is a passionate team that works with stakeholders and researchers to explore the complex interplay between energy, economics, and politics.

Our work on energy policy covers a broad spectrum of topics that address energy demand and consumption, as well as the exploration of renewable energy sources. We also consider the operation and integration of energy systems and cross-cutting issues, such as innovation, policy and economics. 

Insights and impact

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