About us

Exeter Innovation harnesses the world leading research and education of the University of Exeter, positively impacting partnerships with business and organisations to power transformative innovation, making a difference to our partners, communities and the world around us.

Let’s work together 

Exeter Innovation in numbers


Over 2000 projects with partners each year 


The leading Russell Group provider of Degree Apprentices, working with over 400 employers 


Over £80m value generated in 2021/22 to support innovation with our partners 

Our vision

The major challenges facing organisations today demand forward-thinking solutions and a bold approach.  Exeter Innovation will work with you to challenge conventional thinking, push boundaries, and give you the confidence to make the right changes at the right time. When you partner with us, your team becomes equipped with the knowledge, skills, talent, and insight to drive transformative innovation in your organisation.  

Our dynamic community of researchers, entrepreneurs and experts are here to forge the connections and partnerships that will ensure world-leading research turns into transformative innovation for the benefit of your organisation. ​​  

Together, we can create the solutions you need to succeed. 

Meet the team 

Exeter Innovation provides access to an expert team, helping you navigate the University to get the right conversation started with the right researchers, to build the solutions you need.